We crafted a brand & visual language that shows the world what Eledo does, in a way users can identify with.

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Lubos, Eledo's founder said:

Dunclyde created a great design - it was even better than I hoped. Their work was amazing. They are a hardworking team that brings results.

Eledo logo deep forest green
Eledo logo yellow
Eledo's new logo mark incorporates and 'e' in motion and a PDF.


Eledo is a tool that saves its users time (and sanity) by removing repetitive tasks from their workflow.

The super smart automated PDF generator allows users to connect Eledo directly to their workflow and auto generate fully designed and branded PDFs as they input data into their CRM or software.

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The project

Problem: As a fresh company, Eledo had only an in-house designed logo and no brand strategy.

Solution: A brand (and strategy) aligned to Eledo's users that stands out, aiming to pave the way for future growth.

Easy & reliable document automation for everyone
Eledo logomark


The back end of the website is custom built in house by the Eledo team, but they needed a user friendly design for the front end. With the new brand and visuals in hand, we the created new website in Webflow.

Animations, interactions and styling, everything was built with export in mind. And when the design was ready, the new design was married to the custom back end (and they lived happily ever after, looking and functioning amazingly).

Illustrations & icons

The key feature illustrations reinforce Eledo's brand image and visualise the main benefits.

Template builder symbols for Eledo
Eledo symbol 'if'Eledo symbol 'dynamic'Eledo symbol 'bar code'Eledo symbol 'repeater'Eledo symbol 'text'Eledo symbol 'image'Eledo symbol 'signature'
On brand interface symbols.
Eledo's features, visualised.
Sweating the details! Type & geometry of the logo.


The new brand had to appeal to new Eledo users without alienating the existing user base.

The process:

1. Strategy - here we discovered Eledo's user base and defined who would use Eledo.
2. Development - crafting a brand and visual language that would show the world what Eledo does, in a way users can identify with.
3. Design - the logo, brand, illustrations, visuals and home page design came together ready for Eledo's next stage of growth.

Colour scheming.
Logo & colour samples.