Marine Safety

Safety alerts never looked so good

The Marine Safety Forum is the largest safety forum of its type in the world. They focus on promoting safety in the marine sector of the oil and gas industry, which is important stuff.

The existing forum site was broken, it lacked functionality, and was a chore to maintain and use. The new site is straightforward for the staff and members to keep up to date and relevant, so they can do what they do best, promoting safety and hazard awareness in the sector.


Brand refresh

UX design

Web development

Brand refresh

We refreshed the brand identity to look more modern and fresh, in line with the new website. The new logo variations adhere to a stricter grid, and new colours were selected which are more digital and print friendly.

Final Logo

Web design

The website has three main focus areas: the safety alert database & feed, interactive forums and workgroups, and useful safety information including guidelines, resource videos, news and upcoming events.

The challenge was to make this wealth of information and functionality accessible, and to not overwhelm users with busy disruptive pages. To overcome this we used plenty of white space, with minimal, clean lines.

Bespoke registration & safety alert system

MSF is a subscription based service, giving paying members a deeper access to safety alerts and forum functions.

The site features a bespoke login and registration area, making it easy for members to sign up and get involved.

The open registration is restricted to corporate email accounts that belong to member companies.

Functional & user friendly

We developed a subtle colour coding system for alerts and minutes, and an area to making recording new alerts and guides easy for the MSF admin team.

We extensively wire-framed the user experience to establish a navigation system and organisation of all of the information to make sure members could get the most out of the site.