The Guidelines for Offshore Marine Operations (GOMO) advise operators in the marine industry globally.

Problem: the organisation required a logo to give documents and communications a consistent visual identity, and something recognisable and memorable.

Solution: working closely with GOMO we developed the dynamic brand identity, giving the client ultimate flexibility and usability of the logo across all media.

The GOMO logo and accompanying text.

Minimal but effective

The primary use of the logo will be on GOMO publications and documents. The strong, but minimal and clean visual style sets GOMO documents out as professional publications.

Identity elements

The identity consists of a set of elements, that when assembled together, create a recognisable logo, that can be morphed to fit any application. The two elements are the text, which can be either horizontal, vertical or stacked, and the waves, which can appear as one block, or as two groups.


DIN Bold is used for the logo text, with DIN Bold Condensed used for the 'M' to give a monospaced look.

The primary lockup

The waves shown above the horizontal GOMO text is the primary logo layout where it fits appropriately.

Ultimate flexibility

Just some of the huge number of possible logo configurations, which make the logo ultra flexible.