Haydn's Woodfired Pizza

Haydn’s is a family run outdoor caterer based in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Problem: as a new business, Haydn’s required a balanced identity that was fit for both weddings and corporate events, but that would also look the part at gala days and festivals.

Solution: a pizza brand that stands out, wherever it goes.

We have one of the best pizza brands in the North East, and it really helps us stand out.

Robert Fenton - Haydn's founder

Brand identity

Working closely with Haydn’s team, the brand takes shape in an elegant but friendly style which feels at home at weddings as well as summer festivals.

Web & digital

The website encourages users to get in touch to book their event, and informs and entices potential customers with menu information, services and delicious images.

Photography & promotional

Great imagery makes an incredible brand even better. A library of high-quality images was essential to showcase the delicious pizzas the Haydn’s team craft. So, we didn’t hesitate to accommodate when we were invited for pizza & photos sessions.

Business cards and flyers were printed on a specially selected kraft paper stock for an authentic and high-quality feel.


To complete the identity, the gazebo carries the signature dark styling with classic gold detail and white text. The oversized logo spanning two panels aims to leave a lasting impression.