Roots Catering

Roots creates super indulgent and tasty comfort / fast food which is also vegan! The team regularly has queues out the door with their coveted specials.

Problem: when the Covid-19 pandemic struck, it was critical for Roots to pivot quickly. Deciding that he did not want to rely on third-party delivery services in such uncertain times, Nick approached us to create a bespoke online ordering system.

Solution: realising the potential impact on Nick's business if he couldn't make this change as quickly as possible, we designed, developed, tested and launched the online shop in under 5 days.

Working with Dunclyde is not like working with other agencies.

Nick Coetzer - Roots' head chef & founder

The Roots' brand spans the digital and physical effortlessly.

With multiple product lines, directions and endless passion, working with Nick & the team to keep the Roots brand in tip top wherever it goes is a challenge we savour.

A paper texture on a screen? We went there!

Customers feel like they're reliving happy pre-lockdown times, touching those tactile kraft paper menus... eating out... in Roots' actual restaurant... from the safety and comfort of their home.

Keeping it local and on brand with risographed gift vouchers: designed, printed and cut by us at Peacock Visual Arts.