About us

We love digital creativity, being good people & eating ice cream.
Los Angeles, CA
Scotland, UK

What we're here to do...

We work with ambitious people to help them change the world.

It sounds intense, but at Dunclyde we live, breathe and sleep design; it's not just our jobs, it's our passion. We love to bring our design passion and expertise to the projects we work on, and people we work with.

Our story so far...

Dunclyde was founded in Scotland by Daniel & Eilidh, with the single aim of making the world a more beautiful place! We're now based out of Los Angeles giving us access to lots of exciting new projects. With a presence in Scotland & California, we bring the perfect blend of bravery, heritage and upbeat positivity to our work.

We're passionate about bringing the best we can to the design world by pushing boundaries, trying new things and always asking questions.

Don't call them our values... but these are things we live by:

Be a human

Get the job done

Stop to think often

Take pride in the work

Be the new wave

Dream big

The founders' faces

Eilidh Dunsire

Director / Creative

Resident brand specialist, designer, creative solution finder & coffee connoisseur.

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Daniel Clydesdale

Director / Creative

Digital expert, designer, typography pro, video creator & crunchy nut nutter.

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