7 Key Elements to make your website captivating

Your website shouldn't just look sleek, it should fulfil a need or perform a function for the person using it. It sounds obvious, but if your website isn't doing *something*, then it isn't providing any value.

It is easy to get caught up in just the visuals and design of your website, but looking beyond that, here are some key points to consider that will help make your website more captivating and so more valuable to the person using it.

Which app makes you want to grab your phone immediately upon waking up in the morning?

Why do you crave it so badly?

Why's it so special to you?

It’s rather simple: the app obviously offers you an engaging, rewarding experience that fulfils a need, and helps you complete a task.️

It's not any different for a website.‍

It's not solely about looking sleek, there are 7 factors that play into a users' experience...

1. Useful: needs to serve a purpose. Includes non-practical benefits like fun/entertainment.

2. Usable: enables the user to achieve a goal. The original iPod was the first "usable" mp3 player, in a UX sense. Do you see those other ones around? Nope.

3. Findable: if you can't find the content you're looking for, you'll l stop browsing. If you're shopping in a store and can't find the jacket section (and winter is on the way), you'll probably go to the next store.

4. Credible: ability for the user to trust in the product provided, with the peace of mind that it'll last for a considerable amount of time.

5. Desirability:
conveyed with design through branding, image, identity, aesthetic, and emotional design (yes, that's a thing). Win a free Porsche, or a free Skoda? Porsche clearly has the desirability; Skoda - you may never have heard of.

6. Accessible: often overlooked; user is able to have an experience regardless of hearing/vision/learning impairment. This focus typically makes the overall experience better for all users.

7. Valuable: brings value to the business who creates it, and to the user who buys/uses it.

How well-rounded is your website? How much of a part do these elements play in your digital space?