A creative process for naming your new brand

Coming up with a worthy name for your new brand can feel an overwhelming task. Whether it’s a new business venture, start up, idea, project, side hustle, product, or social group – the right name is key.

I have worked through this process through years of personal and professional projects and have developed a workflow for generating a name which is a great fit for your idea.

Before digging into the workflow and formula, here are three rules I follow when generating a new brand name:

Three rules to follow for generating a great brand name:

1. It must be appropriate (to the idea’s narrative/personality: if the brand’s values are playful, the name should reflect this feel).  

2. It must be easy (to understand, pronounce, read, and most importantly: easy to remember).

3. It must be available (legally and online: does a company with the name already exist? Can you use your chosen name? Are your desired URL and usernames available?).

The perfect brand name in three steps:

So, how do you generate the perfect name? I’ve broken the process into three phases: groundwork, formulation and selection. There is a downloadable workbook coming soon to help you work through this process efficiently.

Get the Brand Naming Workbook here!

References and recommended reading:

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Tools and useful links:

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