Award wins for the DF Communications website!

We scooped some awards for the DF Communications website we recently completed! Following high scores from a panel of judges and votes by the public, Dunclyde were awarded:

Best UI Design   |   Best UX Design   |   Best Innovation 

as well as a Special Kudos award from the team at CSS Design Awards!

It was a pleasure working with the DF team and copywriter Emma Gordon of Bydand Copywriting to bring the site to life. When you’ve got a diverse range of services like DF do, it can be hard to effectively communicate this to your potential customers. So, to make the learning process straightforward and digestible, we created the hero of the site: an animated interactive services section. 

The interactive section encourages visitors to discover DF’s services in a fun and visual way - much more effective than reading long paragraphs about VoIP, IOT, and SLA systems! The experience, coupled with the friendly and personal tone of voice, that talks about the technical services in a way that everyone can understand, makes it easy to understand exactly what DF do.

As Aberdeen's best known business communications provider, it was a given that their services should feel as approachable as the team itself.

Our number one goal is always to build a site for our clients that performs for them, and that has a great modern and easy-to-use design. So, the best award for us is when we receive positive feedback from our clients and see positive results. But the second-best award is some recognition from the industry that our work hits the mark with other designers and web experts too.