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We were really excited to speak with branding legend Philip VanDusen recently about agency marketing strategies, niching down and all things design. We are big fans of Philip's YouTube channel where he shares a wealth of insight in both branding and design and business best practices, so when he invited us to be on the podcast, we were a little wonderstuck!

Listen to the episode here

Daniel Clydesdale & Eilidh Dunsire - Creating and marketing a successful interactive website design agency

A bit about the show

The Brand Design Masters Podcast is a show dedicated to helping listeners build the skills needed to design bullet-proof brands - for themselves, their businesses and for the clients and customers they serve. In every episode, Philip, his co-hosts and interview guests share inspiration, ideas, trends and techniques that lift the audience to greater heights as creative professionals or entrepreneurs - so they can build a successful businesses, creative professional practices and personal brands to succeed and thrive in the new Creative Economy.

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