Calling all small businesses... can we help?

We’re in a state of global pandemic, and it might seem insensitive to be worrying about business concerns. But for small businesses, pay, jobs and even whole businesses & livelihoods are at risk. We are very fortunate to be in a line of business that allows us to continue working without much interruption for the time being. We know this isn’t the case for many local and small businesses in the community.


So, we want to help wherever we can.


It may be possible for some businesses to leverage digital solutions to stay afloat, (this could mean helping traditional face to face businesses offer digital or delivery solutions for their customers) and if you’re in this boat then we would like to extend our hand to you. We’re willing to offer advice and as much support as we possibly can to those who need to rapidly change tack to keep the doors open.


Call us for a chat:

01224 050055

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