Design Nuggets July - typography edition

Welcome to July's round up of design nuggets!

This month is heavy on the typography - I found a few really handy new type resources and share some that I have been using for some time.

1. Font in Logo (website/community)

Ever wanted to know what font your favourite brand uses in their logo? As an enthusiast of all things brand, I'm always interested to find out which fonts are used in famous (and not so famous) logos. Font in Logo is a freshly launched and totally free to use website with info on fonts used in logos.

You can filter by popular fonts (there are 100 fonts listed just now); or just browse the logos they have in their library. They just added a 'by industry' filter too.

Users can submit tips, and there are verified fonts which are confirmed to be correct, and then 'closest matches' for brands who haven't disclosed their logo font officially. 'McLawsuit' for McDonalds (lol) & 'Insaniburger' for Burger King are examples of community submitted case studies.

Each case study has its own page, which really nicely displays the logo and brand colours, details some background information on the typeface and where you can access the font for use.

Some examples of 'close matches' see on Font in Logo:

Happy perusing:

2. Fonts in Use (website/blog)

This is an older site, but really useful still. It is still updated but I couldn't find them on Instagram to get a feed of their content, they do have a mailing list that you can sign up to for infrequent email updates though.

Fonts in Use is a comprehensive library (and informative blog) of designs spotted in the world (including modern works and a satisfying amount of funky retro designs too), detailing which fonts were used. This is particularly useful to see interesting font pairings which have worked in various applications, like posters and print, packaging, web and even clothing.

Here's an informative case study on Danish brand Naughty Alchemist whose visual identity and website feature a combination of JAF Lapture, Barlow and Dosis.

Also, look at this tasty retro example of all caps Hobo:

Browse Fonts in Use here

3. r/identifythisfont (on Reddit)

A really handy community to keep tabs on is Identify this Font on Reddit. I've asked the expert community a few times in the past to successfully identify fonts I've seen out in the real world. It's interesting to see other people asking (and getting the correct answer) about fonts they've seen. Many times, I've downloaded a font suggested on here for future use!

An example - a knowledgeable font fanatic identified Eurostile Extended from this photo of signage at the Palm Springs Art Museum.

Identify this Font on Reddit here

That's all for this month, hope you find these resources useful!