Design Nuggets November - design your own chocolate bar!

Wait, it’s late November already?

That means that it’s only 4 weeks until Christmas and time for November’s edition of design nuggets. This month I look at Christmas ads (not sorry), a chocolate brand with a conscience, and an exciting trend despite COVID.

Chocolate with free good vibes!

Firstly, (and most importantly) the chocolate story.

Tony’s Chocoloney is a relatively new brand that we (team Dunclyde that is) discovered last year and have been huge fans ever since. Apart from the super fun packaging that really jumps out at you on the shelf, the chocolate itself is delicious, plus Tony’s Chocoloney advocates to abolish slavery in the cocoa industry so you can feel good while eating it too.

This is a really cool example of a brand with one single and strong mission that drives everything it does. It really works to make Tony’s stand out in the market.

The brand strays far from the traditional ‘fairtrade’ aesthetic many other ethical chocolate brands out there adopt. Tony’s bold and fun approach totally works in contrast to the fine, elegant and/or raw visual approach we’re used to seeing in other brands.

Plus, they also have a really fun wrapper designer on their website where you can design and order your own custom wrapper (comes with choccy). 

Here's the Chocoloney wrapper designer in all of its glory - so much fun:

Design your very own Chocoloney wrapper here!

Is 2020 the best year to start up?

2020 has been a lot of things.

One exciting trend to come out of it though is a) the rise in new business formations, and b) the increased support for local business and passionate boutiques.

In the US, new business formations are up 38% in 2020 compared to 2019 (FSB). In the UK, there has been a 12% increase in new business formations (SHL).

With furloughed staff, layoffs, and an increase in spare time, people have been taking those dusty plans, goals and dreams off of the shelf and taking the first steps to making them a reality.

It feels like now more than ever, people have been eager to support local businesses above the big chains. Whether it’s the rallying support of communities through these tough times, or the new appreciation for the thoughtful small business who truly wants to do all they can to keep their communities happy, the trend towards small business and boutiques can only be a good thing.

(Ok so, factors influencing these figures could be Coronavirus specific start-ups (such as disinfectant companies, PPE etc.); and we could also be seeing an increase in new companies as an impact of the record high dissolutions. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t also exciting new businesses forming in these times).

I’m going to watch this space and am really looking forward to seeing new business owners’ ideas come to life.


US stats (

UK stats (

Number of new companies set up this year is likely to break record (The Times)

Will 2020 be the best year ever for new business creation in the UK? (

Consumerism corner

Coca-Cola and McDonalds: are there two more widespread brands in the world?

Sometimes featuring big name brands like Coke and McDonalds etc. feels dirty, but there were a couple of notable things this month that I couldn’t miss out.

Most major brands have already released their festive ads, and I was pleasantly surprised at Coke’s effort this year. The heartwarming story really highlights togetherness and the importance of being present with family - which is more important this year than ever when a lot of families will be celebrating apart.

Adweek have covered in in more detail (link below).

Christmas ad (Adweek)

And lastly, McDonalds have released their new packaging design which is really colourful and simplistic. The block colours and restrained design style is eye catching and refreshing. See it revealed in the video below, posted by the McDonalds YouTube channel in a slightly creepy, gloved presentation: