Helping businesses... swivel

I'm sure you're as tired as we are of hearing the word 'pivot' lately, so we're going with swivel. Sorry Ross!

Swivelling out of 2020

A lot of businesses are changing their core service offering to keep up with changing demands, or they are changing the way they are doing business this year. Many businesses are getting super creative to make sure they can still service their customers despite disruptions faced.

And being able to enjoy our favourite local cuisine, treat ourselves to a fancy cocktail (or mocktail), and just unwind a bit has been more important than ever lately.

How can businesses swivel to keep going during restrictions and disruptions? This is dependant on the industry in question, but am important factor to look at is demand. How has demand for your service changed? Has a new demand in your area come up that you are in a unique position to service now? If demand is still there, but you can't offer your service or productions in the traditional way, maybe there is a way you can still get your service out there: digitally, virtually, or with other safeguards in place.

Here are some examples businesses we have helped swivel this year.

Roots Catering

Roots changed from a location only service to an online ordering system when the initial lockdown was announced.

We worked closely with Nick to quickly (from meeting to live in less than a week) build an online ordering platform that reflected the Roots brand and allowed the team to keep on delivering the high quality service that fans and customers were used to.

Nick could have opted for a third party platform to fulfil orders, but he knew from past experience that these services could be unreliable and that they degraded margins. Third party platforms also strip all of the branding away from the ordering experience, creating a white wash of businesses with no character. Meaning almost all brand value is lost in these scenarios.

The Roots website also supports a secondary store, allowing Nick to offer his now popular Roots at Home service.

End result: Roots survived lockdown and kept customers coming back for that familiar Roots experience.

Orchid Cocktail Bar

Orchid continued to offer cocktails in their signature style throughout lockdown restrictions.

The team at Orchid got their home delivery service up and running early on in lockdown and were constantly adapting to improve their service. The super premium cocktail bar had been keeping up with demand with their home delivery cocktail packs but wanted to deliver the high quality experience customers would get at the bar.

Working closely with the team, we designed and supplied high quality printed labels that perfectly fitted their custom bottles so that customers didn't just receive amazing cocktails, but the whole experience was an extra special treat.

The labels were supplied in rolls for quick and easy application by the team. They feature gloss gold foil detail and the signature Orchid blue, the paper stock is 100g cotton for a premium feel and are coated with UV matt protection to make sure the inks don't run with refrigeration and spills, but the team could still write the cocktail name and ABV on the label.

We designed a line of custom glassware illustrations for the labels, which promote Orchid's elegant and premium style.

End result: customers experience delight in the premium and tactile experience from Orchid, at home.

(the lineup)

(that foil though)

DF Communications

DF Communications got ready to welcome staff and customers back into the office safely.

We created branded stickers and signs to help keep the workplace safe for DF starting to return to normal operations. The posters and large banners remind everyone to maintain social distancing, and the made for purpose, durable floor stickers help guide everyone to stay a safe distance apart.

End result: the materials were all designed in the DF style, rather than opting for a 'safety sign' look. This approach feels more human amongst all of the warnings and safety tape we seem to be seeing all around us these days.