How to personalise your Spotify playlist art

Ever wanted to get rid of that less than aesthetically pleasing auto generated playlist art on your Spotify playlists? I've put together a quick how to, so now you can.

Before we start

To do this, you have to have the Spotify desktop app, there isn't any functionality to do this on your phone yet.

Here are a few artwork pointers before we dive in:

• It has to be a .jpeg file

• The maximum file size is 4MB - no set artwork dimensions, but minimum is 300x300px

• It can’t violate copyright, trademark or personal rights. Can’t be violent, inappropriate, explicit etc. (more about that here)

Tools I’m using: Illustrator, Photoshop, Spotify desktop app.

Step 1

Set up your artwork document – I’m using Adobe Photoshop for this, but you can use anything really, even Microsoft Paint.

It should be square and at least 300x300 pixels. I made mine 2000x2000px (that's probably overkill but the maximum for most platforms is 2048x2048px, and I like to make sure things look crisp).

1. Set up your artwork document in your chosen app

Step 2

Create awesome artwork for your playlist – and save out as a .jpeg. Make sure it is under 4MB. I had one made that I wanted to tweak that I used for this guide.

Step 3

Upload your artwork in Spotify – go to your playlist in the Spotify desktop app, click on the artwork square (it will have a pre-generated cover from the albums within the playlist), when you click on the artwork it will open up the title and description editor window.

3. Go to your playlist, click the pencil on your playlist artwork square

Step 4

Replace the generic artwork – click on the 3 dots on the artwork in editor window and ‘replace image’, and replace with your own.

Ew, so generic 🙅

Step 5

Enjoy! That's all there is to it, now you can show off your custom playlist artwork to all of your friends.

5. And done! 😎