June Nuggets - memberships!

Something super exciting that's coming soon to Webflow is Memberships.

We've been teased with snippets of information for over a year but here's what we know for sure is coming, and why it's going to be a game-changer for sites built in Webflow.

1. Build sites with user login features.

This is great for gating content. Whether it's a community bulletin board with information you don't want to openly broadcast, or a club with minutes available to logged in users. Memberships allows the site to accept user registrations, and then hide content behind a login box. Standard features like forgotten password are also coming.

2. Those sites can integrate with e-commerce

So this is huge! All the above functionality is also compatible with the e-commerce side of Webflow. So you can monetize these registrations, and have customers sign up for a monthly fee to gain access. The possibilities here are endless. Magazine subscriptions, educational content, VIP-type access, are just some of the types of sites possible with this feature.

And everything will be managed by Webflow's super robust platform that makes editing easy. I can't wait for the full feature release, but until then, watch this space.