May Nuggets - Creative Pep Talk

<1 min read

It's nearly halfway through 2023 (time flies when you're having fun and working hard on projects).

For this month's nuggets, I wanted to spotlight a podcast that I've recently discovered: Creative Pep Talk by Andy J. Pizza. I've probably been living under a podcast rock because there are over 400 episodes and I am only tuning in now.

In the podcast, Andy talks with other creative people about their practice, process and their journey in the industry. Sometimes he will discuss his own thoughts on a particular topic, success or struggle and every episode I've listened to is a fun and insightful look into a variety of subjects from breaking creative block to building creative resilience and everything in-between.

The tone hits a good balance of lighthearted positivity and digging deep into your creative practice to uncover greatness - it's an inspiring listen so I wanted to share with the creative world!

Creative Pep Talk on Instagram