October Nuggets - the importance of doodling

We recently attended Brand New Conference 2022 (more on that in another blog post). The conference was filled with inspiring speakers from different corners of the design world.

Apart from insight into how other creatives work their process, create amazing design solutions, and tackle design problems small and large, one takeaway from the conference that I am working on is getting away from the screen for a healthy dose of tool-free designing.

Illustrator, Photoshop and Figma are powerful design tools, and they are great for helping to collaborate on, and realise design solutions. But nothing can beat the simplicity of pen and paper to work out a well thought through design idea.

Whether it's mapping out a website visitor's conceptual journey through a website, wireframing, laying out a design, or sketching logo concepts. The best designs always start off screen, without the influence Bēhance, Dribble, design and UX blogs, and the constant stream of notifications that can plague our workflow if you're not careful.

Happy off-screen designing!