Open Sign - connecting businesses & patrons

Daniel and I have been working on a project to help the local community during the confusion of COVID-19.

We noticed that it is really difficult find up to date & relevant info on which businesses are still open, which are closed and which are operating on reduced hours or with special ordering instructions.

What is it?

Everything is currently locked down, and everyone is to stay inside. But we still want to support our favourite local businesses and be able to keep up to date with any news. With some businesses updating their customers on Instagram, some on LinkedIn, Facebook, their own website etc. it gets difficult to keep track!

Introducing Open Sign

We want fix this, so have built Open Sign - an online hub connecting businesses with patrons, in one place. We've opened the site up for sign ups now, ahead of the full launch later on this week.

Follow the link below to sign up your business, and watch this space!