Spooky resources

Here is a quick roundup of some useful design resources and tips for all of your creative Halloween projects this October!

Pumpkin design templates

If you are planning some pumpkin carving this year but don't know where to start, we've got you covered.

Our design-a-pumpkin printable, or finger sketch phone friendly templates will help you design your pumpkin before it goes under the knife. The templates are complete with some ideas to get you started too.

Get them on our resources page - download design-a-Pumpkin templates here

Lonely Ghost font

Lonely Ghost (as seen in the cover for this post), is a free display font by designer Alejandro Bastardo. It is bold and wavy and perfect for Halloween posters and graphics.

Get it for free here.

Grainy & non grainy Lonely Ghost

Manually add film grain in Photoshop

To add a spooky, grainy feel to your photos:

  1. Open up your photo of choice in Photoshop
  2. Create a new layer on top using the menu (not the quick add): layer > new > layer (settings: name your new layer 'Grain' (because we're all organised, professional designers here); colour - none; blend mode - overlay; opacity 100%; Fill with overlay-neutral colour? Yes)
  3. Convert the grain layer to a Smart Object (right click in layer panel - this step means that you can edit the grain once complete)
  4. Grain: filter > noise > add noise (settings: amount 10-40%, Gaussian distribution, Monochromatic yes)
  5. Blur: filter > blur > Gaussian blur (settings: radius 0.5 pixels)

That's it!

Such fluro

Molotow fluro markers

We have a few fluro orange Molotow markers in the studio, and they're super handy for adding punchy labels on boxes and titles in sketchbooks. Apart for being really practical, you can use them on dark paper, meaning they're perfect for making Halloween posters. Available from most craft shops!

That's it for this roundup, if any of these resources were useful, let us know!