Team spotlight: Daniel Clydesdale

Written by
Daniel Clydesdale
May 26, 2020

Hi, I’m Daniel, I have a passion for creative design, and I love crunchy nut cornflakes!


My main roles at Dunclyde include business development, account management and digital design. While Eilidh will more often work on the initial ideation and concepting stages of a project, if it involves a digital solution then I’ll usually get more involved in the later stages when it comes to the build.

For fun

I really enjoy motion design, which I do occasionally get to use with client work, but more often than not these projects never leave my documents folder. Although I am working on a new personal website where I can post this kind of thing. I also like to design and build things, like the desk lamp and walnut computer pictured below. Eilidh and I also built the desk pictured from old scaffold boards.

On design

I love mid-century Californian architecture and mid-century Swiss design, but recognise that the designers of this time were at the cutting edge. So to really pay homage to them, we as designers should look to the future and the ways new technology can improve our world.

Everything else

I’m also a car guy, driving a sensible BMW 335i for now, with my eyes on a 1967 Pontiac GTO for the weekends… one day!

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About the author

Daniel Clydesdale

Digital expert, designer, typography pro, video creator & crunchy nut nutter.


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