Team spotlight: Eilidh Dunsire

👋 I'm Eilidh: resident brand specialist, designer, creative solution finder & coffee connoisseur at Dunclyde. Read on to find out a little about me and my work.

On being a designer

Growing up, I was always really arty but for some reason believed that creativity was just a hobby. It wasn't until High School that I realised I didn't have to get a science or technical based job. Creativity has always been part of me, and I am really glad that every day I can use my creativity to improve the world (in some way).

Digital design is a super varied job -although most of my day is spent at my screen, the types of projects I get to work on day to day are always different. I try to exercise my creative muscles as much as possible away from the screen though by making real things. I love to surround myself with nice things to keep me inspired: design books, designer toys and typography posters.

On branding

Brand design is my passion. It combines creativity and organisation - two things that I am driven by (as nerdy as it sounds, being organised and coming up with organised systems and processes for things is something I really enjoy). Which comes in really handy when creating a cohesive brand system. 🤓

Creating a brand involves understanding a company's personality, and turning that into a visual language that engages it's audience (it's not just a logo and brand colours people)! Working out with a client what the brand should look and feel like, and turning that vision into a reality, a system that can be implemented in future is one of the best parts of what I do.

Favourite office snack

☕ Coffee. I try not to snack during work times (who can have just one biscuit?), but I'm always cold so a coffee or a fruit tea are my go to refreshments. If it's Christmas time obviously there are some Cadbury's Hero's or Roses on the go though.

Working soundtrack

My go to playlist is Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2; but when I'm working I like to listen to background music that allows me to focus, and that's my work focus playlist: