Why I prefer to do business the human way

"Hi, my name is so and so… I got your information from such and such, and I’d love to discuss further about blah blah blah."

How many times have you been approached by someone like this?

How many times have you received an automated email, urging you to act now!... Buy this product, enroll in this subscription… because you “need” it?

It’s very robotic; impersonal. I’ve grown very fond of the “unsubscribe” button, as well as the “ignore call” and “block contact” functions, for this very reason.

First and foremost - not everything that is marketed to you, is a need. I’ve been in sales, and client experience for quite a bit; I’ve sold electronics for a no-name company out of the trunk of a minivan. I’ve sold software and computer parts for the United States' leading office supply retailer. I’ve also sold services for Amazon on a large scale. There are many approaches to connecting with clients that businesses take, and the one that I could never implement was the cold, inorganic pitch. It’s not natural to me.

I like connecting with people… just because... I like people! I like helping and having something to offer that will benefit someone - whether it be personally, or for their business or organization. If I can help, I will! If you don’t need what I’m offering, that’s cool too!  I’ll be sure not to hound you about it, but rather only offer solutions to problems that do exist… not try to create problems out of thin air, just to push products or services to you.  

Any position I’ve ever had, if I didn’t believe in what I was representing, selling, or advocating - it became a real uphill battle. It can be very easy to get a negative first impression, when in a sales situation. You may feel: “are they trying to take advantage of me? Are they being honest about what they can provide? Is this person being transparent about what this product can do? Is this company reliable enough for me to get involved with an ongoing work order or contract with them?”.

In a nutshell, this is why businesses must be “people first”. When the intention is set to aid someone’s endeavor, to offer something to lift them up over an obstacle, or to be a catalyst to get someone’s project moving through to completion - everyone wins.    

When I found Dunclyde (and Dunclyde found me), I knew that it was the perfect company, set of values, and collection of services offered, for me to get excited about getting the word out. It is genuinely phenomenal, the projects that Dunclyde has completed (and continue to work on). While I’m not on the technical side of design, I am the advocate for the people behind the process, the quality of work, and the humanistic way of doing business. My goal is to be the connecting piece between your company/brand/organization, and my incredible team that does it all. Can we help you reach your goals? Can we offer a solution to an issue you're experiencing? May we offer some brainpower, to assist a project? Great. I will be your contact from start to finish, making sure that we keep our commitments and see it through. I want YOU to be as happy with what we’ve done for you, as we are, to work on your project with you.

People first, that’s it.