Athlab is a sports nutrition brand which enhances the performance and recovery of people who care about their health through honest products, marketed simply and with clarity.

Problem: Liv4 (now Athlab) was a young company with the vision of changing the sports performance & recovery space. The overall brand needed overhauled to match the vision and the customers.

Solution: A brand, name and clear strategy aligned to Athlab’s fierce vision and customer aspirations.

Going back to basics to define Nat & Elliott's one single vision for Athlab: helping people who care about their fitness continue to do what they love, was key from the beginning of the project.

Eilidh - brand designer

Brand system

Athlab's brand system is centered around the hex icon, which stems from CBD's chemical build up.

Box design


Athlab's imagery is carefully selected and treated to look both consistent and relatable to customers.

CBD's chemical makeup informed the hex pattern element used across Athlab's brand.