DF Communications

We have maintained DF's brand image since their rebrand in 2017. More recently, we worked with them to refresh and align their digital and brand strategies.

Problem: DF provides technical services that aren’t always super easy to understand.

Solution: A website that translates the jargon into benefits that customers can relate to their business.

Dunclyde’s creativity and the ideas behind their designs were impressive.

Fiona Fraser - DF Communications MD

Visualising DF’s services

DF provides a wide range of communication services to local businesses. To help customers relate to DF's services, we developed an interactive 3D world to illustrate each service.

Hovering over each service animates the scene to demonstrate the service (see it in action).

Keeping it friendly

As Aberdeen’s well known, family run communication experts, it was important to reinforce the friendly voice that customers know and love.

That's why Emma Gordon, story teller and copywriter was on board to craft the words.

Strategy driven

The whole strategy was carefully considered closely with the DF team to make sure the website and brand reflected the team's ethos, and spoke to customers.