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Eilidh Dunsire
September 11, 2020

Calling all future business owners, startups, entrepreneurs and creative people!

As a brand nerd and someone who loves to work with people at the start of their branding journey, I've worked on a few naming projects (including personal side projects and ideas).

Over these projects, I've developed a creative process to help generate the perfect brand name for businesses (and check it is available to use). I've made made my process into an interactive PDF to help future business owners generate their perfect brand name.


In the brand naming workbook, I walk you through the steps. I've tried to break the process down into bitesize pieces so that it is easy to go through.

By the end of the workbook, you should have the tools and process for coming up with the perfect name for your business or idea.

Get the workbook here >


I am also running workshops and one-to-one sessions going through this process so keep an eye out on our events section, or get in touch if you want to get involved!

Here are some other resources to help you:

See my original post with more details here

Watch my video on YouTube going through the workbook

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