Wired Media Solutions

Wired Media Solutions make their customers' homes seamlessly smart to streamline their everyday lives.

Problem: WMS’ existing website didn’t fit the company’s premium brand or their goals. As a result, it wasn't super appealing to their potential customers.

Solution: An interactive website that draws customers in from the moment they land on the website, and invites them to explore how WMS can improve their lives.


We started off the project, like all other projects, with a strategy session. This helped us uncover with WMS their current position, where they want to be, and how we’d get them there.

Art direction

The style and artwork for the website was developed alongside the tone of voice work to reflect WMS’ brand and position.

We worked closely with the team, to land on the clean and modern style. One challenge of this project was that imagery dates quickly as new technology and systems are developed, and interior design styles change. To overcome this, we designed and built a minimal 3D model, which would highlight WMS’ services, without having to use photographs.


We worked with WMS to develop their voice in a way that fit the team, and appealed to their customer base.

Interactive 3D explainer

To visually explain WMS range of services, we designed and built a range of 3D models, which can be interacted with on the website.

For the residential services, we built a house, and filled it with the tech that WMS would: smart lights, syncable music, a swish home cinema set up, and showed customers how everything works.

For the commercial side, we differentiated with a dark style. And we built out a multi faceted office to explain the core commercial services. To highlight custom projects, we recreated an iconic project that WMS worked on and made it interactive.


The new website is the sum of all of the parts of the project. All of the strategy, art direction, design, structuring, came together to create an experience for WMS customers.

The site is built in Webflow, and the hero feature is the ‘Welcome home’ introduction that invites customers to learn about WMS services in a visual way that won’t confuse or bore them.

Subtle animation and interaction was key to success here. The Welcome home sequence is scroll based, so that customers can read and explore at their own pace, while still being guided through the service list.